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Local time 10h47 - Sunday the 28th of June 09 - Nome. What’s up folks? How’s everybody going, well I hope… I have noticed many of you are on departure for some blue lagoon, sun, farniente….Enjoyyyyyyy!

Decision taken: we will be leaving today guys around 18.00…the winds charts seems better for us to reach the Bering Strait… I have insisted to the Skipper & crew we stop a few hours near the small island called the ” Little Diomede” located in the Bering Strait to see if we could observe some wallrusses…many local Inuits told me this could be the spot to view some….We will afterwards be heading for the Arctic Circle at 66,33° North…& perhaps see a few pieces of ice drifting…?

The ice charts seem to forecast still some ice between the Bering Straight - Wales - Point Hope & around Barrow…we will see how fast things seems to change/melt. Fi in Nome, one could see 3 weeks ago pieces of ice on the sea front…today, nothing!

If you are curious to know the weather during our expe, my website arcticcalling is offering you the forecast (t°, winds, humidity…).

Yesterday, I went to several local gift & bookshops…we meet interesting & friendly people: John, Danel, Abby, daughter & mother …. I had also the opportunity to talk to gold seekers….their boat is just behind ours…it seems gold is still around …in low quantity I presume :-)
The ladies at Nome’s Tourist Info center are so so helpful with a great spirit…helping us with electricity, internet, & answering to all our questions: ths ths ths again Siobhan, Sari, Anna & their boss Mitch… Yesterday, we had a few Alaskian beers…the White Polar Bear one has a lovely flavour…let’s import it :-)
Today last preparation: Skipper viewing weather, winds ice forecast for coming days, Arielle will go to the village, Aline stuck on the net…I will have a small nap, wash, go to supermarket to get my usual enormous bootle of milk, go to the museum to get a picture of Roald Amundsen & his boat the Gjoa…Amundsen was the first one to suucceed the crossing of the Northwest Passage from East to West in 1903…. Ok, dear friends…time for some action on sea…hopfully without any sea sickness :-)
Ths a lot Robbyss for your update on my favourite football team…whouah a Belgian as the new central defender of Arsenal FC…:-) Warm regards to your 3 ladies, Rob :-) Yes, Alain your english is improving so well…really impressed & missing mountain bike …you can be sure that on the day after my return we will go in the woods to be our record tour :-) ….everything is fine here :-) Jean Jean, send my best love to nephew Paul & brothers…& keep well yourself with promenades in the forest. Where is my dear mate Fabrice, le “Baron” …is there someone who knows what he ’s up to…tell him not to eat the all stock of steaks of the “Choumadia” :-) Ehhh Paco, tu me dois déjà combien de resto? :-) Bizzz au fitness, Javid & Michel… Eriksske, tes vestes ITS sont géniales, vraiment appréciées par le crew team….MERCI. Cheers to all my colleagues supporting me: Lorenzo, Marc, JB, Sven…& co…the good season is starting for you too :-) Kiss to mum, pelagie, kiekeboe…& you all….

So a local Inuit told us yesterday: EVEN KEEL TO THE NORTH & BE SAFE OUT THERE….ths, let’s now go for it! Keep you posted via satellite on the expedition progress - splendid summer to all, patrick Ps: If you want to view pictures of the expe, go under www.arctic05.org - category Wallpapers…

7 Responses to “Sealing action in a few hours, are we “Nuts”?”

  1. Jean-Cyril says:

    Thanks man !

    Little Paul had seen yours pics, and is really proud of you !!! As well as his father !

    Enjoy and enjoy, my brother !

    See you soon !

  2. Rufor says:

    Onload of page my antivirus put alert, check pls.
    Have a nice day

  3. Dieter says:

    Super, c’est toujours avec plaisir que je passe sur le blog pour prendre des nouvelles de l’expédition, de m’imaginer les rencontres et les aléas du voyage. Et les splendides photos, ça doit encore être 1000 fois mieux en vrais!
    Bon vent, Dieter

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  5. enrique says:

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