Unique, breathtaking, magic…

Be ready & follow up with International Polar Organisation Arctic05 & Patrick Reader “live” the up and downs of Polar expedition with code name “Arctic Calling”!

A crew, a yacht, 90 days together, rough seas, drifting ice, frozen winds, polar bears, fatigue, promiscuity, breakdowns, a stunning Arctic wildlife…

Will they succeed their sailing expedition attempt to cross from West (Alaska) to East (Baffin Island) the Northwest Passage in the extreme & harsh conditions of the icy Arctic Ocean? 

Check day by day our itinerary, the beauties of the Arctic wildlife, behind the scenes stories of the expedition, Arctic05's Polar observations & educational projects...! You can encourage us by dropping your messages, your questions & your green thoughts.



The Arctic is calling us all to act more for a better world! “Save or Sink” the Arctic!

By Arctic05 - International Polar Organisation