Picture Book

My objective is to write a picture book in order to share with you this wonderful experience, the wonders of the Arctic Ocean & attract ones attention on the importance to act more for a better planet. At first sight, the book will cover

  1. The magnificence of the spots discovered during the crossing (Alaska, the islands of the Canadian Arctic, the Nunavut, the Northwest Passage..

  2. The up & downs of our sailing adventure

  3. The unexpected meetings of the Big North

  4. The beauties of the Arctic wildlife (flowers, marine mammals, …)

  5. My favorite polar moments…

    The goal of my picture book will gathered my best shots accompanied with educative short legends in different languages…I have also invited several specialists to share with us their souvenirs, know-how & message to make us react to preserve more our nature.
    Scoop: Polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer - author & photographer Paul Sterry - Skipper Maud Fontenoy have accepted to participate to this written adventure. In advance, I would like to express them some warmth thanks.

    I am still looking for an editor which believes in my project… so, feel free to contact me if you are interested :-)